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Jessuss C Jackson called JC for short, was born and raised in Birmingham. With no father around, he and his 3 brothers were raised solely by his mother. JC grew up in one of Birmingham’s most notorious suburbs Handsworth, and needless to say opportunities to become someone positive were clearly stacked against him.

JC’s love for hip-hop began from the moment he learnt how to turn on the radio at the age of four. At the age 8 JC wrote his first rhyme, reflecting back on his life from this age on became very significant. It was no easy childhood with 2 older brothers that would beat him up regularly and a very very strict Jamaican mother, JC soon started to show the rebel inside.

As he grew into a teenager he would sit in his room for hours and write lyrics. He dreamt of being rich and having his own money. Sick of hand-me-down clothes, all he wanted was to buy his own. He was surrounded by dope dealing family members who had it all! So it wasn’t long before he wanted it all too! At the age of fifteen he left home, slept rough and became involved in street crime to survive. By the age of 17 JC had his first child and was just completing a 2 year sentence for Robbery. It was at this stage whilst in prison JC re-found his love and passion for Hip Hop and rapping, and vowed never to stop again! He now has four children Kieron, Shanice, Andre and Tayshawn who have helped JC to change his life for the better.

In 1999 using his PlayStation, he started creating his own beats for fun, within a few months he had created over 20 songs. Everyone was impressed with what he had created using such a simple programme, requests started coming in from other artists who had heard of his beats because they found them easy to flow on, inspiring them to write new lyrics. But JC struggled with the sound quality he was producing.

He eventually bought a PC and taught himself how to make beats using well-known programmes like Logic, Reason, Cubase etc. Slowly he built his own studio and called it Shogun Productionz which he started with long-time friend Tatty Mac. Within a short time, he had produced two albums and every day he spent hours upon hours in the studio either writing new lyrics or creating and enhancing beats.

More and more artists heard about the work that JC had been doing in the studio and they asked him to produce some tracks for them. In 2002 JC recruited his long-time friend and partner in crime Katda to work on an EP together. By 2005 there were 4 artists Katda, Trizzle, Inkz and Flip who had joined JC on his journey. Spending nearly every day in the studio together, they decided to become a group and called themselves Sho Pro which is Shogun Productionz abbreviated. They have produced and released two mix CD’s thus far. The first called Alpha ‘Da Beginning’ and the second called Beta ‘Da Anomaly’ which was a huge success. Unfortunately, due to each member having various other commitments in their life, their first Album never materialised although a lot had been recorded…stay tuned

Hip Hop producers from all over the country also heard about JC‘s skills and brought beats they created asking JC to make improvements and collaborations. JC has started working with young upcoming artists, teaching them how to write and produce music, inspiring them into new challenges and something to focus.

Over the years JC has had a few of his songs played on local Birmingham and Derby radio stations and has performed in a few venues around the country and also in France, but he had still not pursued his music career the way he should of considering the amount of positive feedback he was getting from everyone who had heard his music.


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